The 7th Battalion is/was an elite unit or battalion of Clone Troopers led under Rogue Jedi General Quinlan Vos and Clone Commander Faie.
7th Battalion Clone Trooper

An example of a 7th Battalion Clone Trooper. The Hasbro figure is one of the only known sources.

The battalion was mainly assigned to special scouting missions, yet they have also been assigned to the 327th Star Corps. and the 41st Elite Corps., as well as the 212th Attack Battalion, but unfortunatley not the 501st Torrent Co., due to Anakin feeling "sober" for his battalion.


The battalion became one of the many squads and battalions to be absorbed into what was left of the 501st Torrent Co., and became known as the 501st Legion "Vader's Fist" which is the entire Galactic Empire.


The 7th Battalion has simple tan-colored circle insignias on the Standard Clone Trooper's armor.


Hasbro and most fans mistakenly refer to the 7th Battalion as the "7th Legion", hence there being a "7th Legion" Clone Trooper action figure. This was corrected during later releases of the actual action figure.

Little is known about the 7th Battalion.