Appo (CC-1119) was a Platoon Sergeant for the 501st Torrent Co., and eventually became a Senior Commander for the 501st Legion.

Sergeant Appo

Appo with his distinct "arrow" painted on his helmet.


Appo began as a platoon leader who originally led a platoon of AT-RT's, to whom he was a platoon Sergeant for the 501st Torrent Co. towards the end of the Clone Wars. He eventually became a Commander for the 501st Legion, and was one of the most prized officers under the command of Darth Vader up until the transition to Phase 3: armor when all Clone Officers were demoted to veteran retirees.

He was also more of a "freelancer"; he was very independent and often did missions on his own. (With the help of soldiers under
Commander Appo

Appo as a Commander for the 501st Legion.

his command, obviously.)


Appo has the standard Phase 2 markings for the 501st Legion and the 501st Torrent Co., only he originally had a distinct white arrow painted on his helmet, and eventually had the standard Phase 2 501st helmet, only with a pauldron.

His facial appearance consists of the usual common "high-fade" haircut that most Clone Troopers (including Jango Fett) had, only with large dimples and wrinkles on his forehead.

He (of course) has only worn Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor.


Very little information is known about Appo, yet he has become very popular amongst fans.

There are several other officers who are often mistaken for Appo by fans, including the 501st Legion Clone Trooper who gave orders to Senator Bail Organa during Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of th
501st Legion Clone Trooper

The 501st Legion Clone Trooper often mistaken for Appo.

e Sith. (This scene, of course, took place during Order 66.)

He first appeared in several comic books, to whom he is most prominent and he has also made several brief novel appearances; to whom he appears as a Commander for the 501st Legion "Vader's Fist" rather than a Sergeant for the 501st Torrent Co.

Appo's name and helmet from the Clone Wars episodes he appeared in ironically resembled series producer and lead director Dave Filoni's character designs for Appa in the TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender", a series Dave originally produced for.


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