Boil was a Platoon Sergeant for the 212th Attack Battalion who led the Ghost Company platoon with his loyal partner Waxer.
Boil In Phase 1 Armor

Boil in Phase 1 armor.


Boil (as well as his partner, Waxer) began as a "shiny", "rookie", or a standard Clone Trooper, and was eventually promoted to being a Platoon Sergeant for the 212th Attack Battalion with his fellow partner after they succeeded in destroying an entire droid base in an off-screen battle.

Once Boil and his partner Waxer became more experienced, they began to become a bit more mature; yet they were often impatient like with Commander Wolffe (CC-3636) of the 104th Wolfpack Co.; even though they both began to develop more patience and sensitivity, as well as caring a bit more for others. Such as when they helped rescue a young female Twi'lek prisoner named Numa on the planet of Ryloth.

Boil was mainly assigned to small recon missions. Such as on the planet or world of Kiros; the Togrutan home world. Yet he was also involved in other major battles, such as the Second Battle Of Geonosis.


Boil has worn both Phase 1 and Phase 2 Clone Trooper armor, as well as Phase 1 Desert Camo ARF Scout Trooper armor with 212th Attack Battalion markings.

Boil In Phase 2 Armor

Boil In Phase 2 Armor.

His Phase 1 armor consists of having Phase 2-style 212th markings with a red arrow and orange highlights around the frame of the helmet, with a unique "experienced" symbol.

His Phase 2 armor has the exact same markings.

His Phase 1 ARF Scout armor's helmet consists of having a Numa symbol on the left-side (facing forward) of the visor, as well as a dark-grey stripe and a maroon-painted arrow down the center.

His facial appearance consists of having the standard "high-fade" haircut that most Clone Troopers (including Jango Fett) have, as well as having a "fresh-cut" style moustache.


Both Waxer and Boil are loosely based on US Army soldiers during World War 2, who actually helped rescue a little girl and reunited her with father.

Boil and his loyal partner Waxer both developed the Phase 2 212th Attack Battalion markings for the Standard Clone Troopers assigned to the battalion.

Boil felt very tragic after hearing about Waxer's death, yet this was never shown on-screen.

Waxer often teased Boil about his moustache.

Boil's moustache is said to resemble a stereotypical biker, French cook, or Mexican mariachi singer's moustache (ironically).


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