A Clone Cadet (also known as a Clone Trainee) is a student Clone Trooper who isn't fully-trained for combat.
Adult Clone Cadets

Adult Clone Cadets (Live-action style.)


Clone Cadets begin as young children who resemble young Boba Fett or Jango Fett, and can age as 10 to 15-year-old boys before becoming adult with growth-acceleration.

They first begin learning about weapons, leadership, partnership, and everything else that relates to being a loyal soldier for the Grand Army of the Republic on simulation computers. Although they were briefly led by Jango Fett when he became a corrupt, greedy, and merciless bounty hunter; they ignored his advice, and followed the simulation training provided by the Kaminoans on Kamino.

Aside from learning from simulation computers; once they become adults, they become trained with using weapons in combat in combat simulations, and once they pass these tests, they become official Clone Troopers.
Domino Squad

An example of training gear worn by Domino Squad.

Special TrainingEdit

During the beginning of the Clone Wars, ARC Lieutenant Alpha 17 ("Alpha", Alpha 17 or simply ARC Trooper Alpha) created a special training program which was meant to train Clone Troopers into specialized Clone Officers to actually replace the need for having ARC Troopers in combat or used as primary officers.

Hence, ARC Officers or ARC Troopers being used to demonstrate armor, train cadets, and be used as spare officers
Child Clone Cadets

Child Clone Cadets during the computer simulations. (The tunics are an early design.)

for units who are in need of a new officer.

Commando TrainingEdit

Commando training was tought by Jango Fett and several former Mandalorian Militia warriors who also helped train the very first Clone Troopers, the Null-Class ARC Troopers.

Because of how expensive and time-consuming they were to Clone, and produce their armor; only three squads were trained by Jango Fett and the warriors, to whom they were trained like how the original Mandalorians fought during the Great Sith War in the Old Republic Era.

Gear and ClothingEdit

Every Cadet or Trainee wears a casual red or blue tunic with Kaminoan lettering symbolizing "Cadet In Training" on both shoulder sleeves.

The Adult Cadets wear red tunics, while the Child Cadets wear unique blue and red tunics. Boba Fett once wore a unique and exclusive all-blue tunic when he was about 10-years-old shortly before the Clone Wars began.

Whenever they're in combat training, they wear training armor or gear which is lightweight and consists of a helmet with a clear visor.
Boba Fett with Clone Cadets

Boba Fett with Child Clone Cadets.(Notice how the bald one looks much younger than the other.)


Ironically enough, Jango Fett never really bothered to pay attention to what the Clones were being trained for, nor did he realize that they were still meant for the Republic after he tried using them for his own army.

The Child Clone Cadets are loosely based on young US Military JROTC program cadets.

The combat simulation resembles real-life military combat training.