A unit is a battalion, platoon, garrison, brigade, team, squadron, or squad of Clone Troopers (other than an army or legion).

The Grand Army of the Republic was made up of squads, platoons, brigades, garrisons, squadrons, teams, and battalions which formed an entire legion. There were never any specific legions during the Clone Wars, other than the Droid Armies in the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems) or Separatists, and allied armies with the Republic (such as the Gungan Army and Onderon rebel fighters.)

Notable Units

Muunilinst 10- Led by ARC Captain Fordo

Delta Squad- Led by Republic Commando (Commander) Boss

Theta Squad- Led by Republic Commando (Commander) Niner

212th Attack Battalion- Led by (Senior) Commander Cody (later Veteran)

41st Elite Corps.- Led by (Senior) Commander Gree

501st Torrent Co.- Led by (Elite) Captain Rex (later Veteran)

Blue Squadron (Pilot Squad)- Led by Veteran Pilot Captain Axe
501st Torrent Co.

Elite Captain Rex and the 501st Torrent Co. BEFORE the entire Army of the Republic was absorbed into the battalion and becoming the legion known as "Vader's Fist."

327th Star Corps.- Led by (Elite) Commander Bly

21st Nova Corps.- Originally led by (Elite) Commander Jet; later (Elite) Commander Bacara

187th Corps.- Once led by Veteran Commander Ponds

104th Wolfpack Co.- Led by Veteran Commander Wolffe

Horn Company- Led by (Senior) Captain Lock

Hawkbat Battalion- Led by ARC Lieutenant Alpha (eventually Jedi General Even Piell)

442nd Siege Battalion

7th Battalion- Led by (Elite) Commander Faie

91st Recon Corps.- Led by (Senior) Commander Neyo


Merchandise often confuses fans and collectors to if there really were seperate Clone Trooper legions for the Army of the Republic. Yet there were actually different armies affiliated with the Republic, or part of the Republic. (Hence, the Mon Calamarian Army and Gungan Army.)

Determining the style of Clone officer depends on specialty. (Such as ARC, ARF, or BARC.)

Clone officers were once easy to distinguish by simple colored rank markings, but later on during the Clone Wars, Jedi General Anakin Skywalker established having developed nicknames, and the option for personalized armor, markings, and facial apperances to distinguish (tell apart) the Clones from one another.