Commander Gree (CC-1004) was a Senior Clone officer under the rank of Commander, who commanded the
Commander Gree

Commander Gree in his standard Phase 1 Armor.

41st Elite Corps. led by Jedi General Luminara Unduli and also commanded, the elite company of troopers hand picked from the 41st Elite Corps. by Jedi General Yoda, Green Company.


Commander Gree was one of the original Clone Cadets (Bly, Cody, Fil, Ponds, Wolffe, and Rex) to be trained by ARC Alpha 17 ("Alpha") to become specialized Clone Officers. To whom he led and established his own unique battalion for Jedi General Luminara Unduli.

Commander Gree fought in many battles, and was assigned to many missions with other units Clone Troopers. Such as the 327th Star Corps., 212th Attack Battalion, 7th Battalion, and the 501st Torrent Co. He was often assigned with Jedi Master Yoda, mainly during the battle of Kashyyyk.

He was often assigned with Jedi Padawan Commander Barriss Offee with her platoon, which was also led by Platoon Sgt's. Draa and Buzz.


Gree very much has a similar personality as Commander Cody; to whom he strictly followed every order, and never slacked-off. (Aside from being more tougher than other Clones, and often acted as a "body guard" for Luminara Unduli.)


Gree unfortunately met his fate after attempting to execute Jedi Master Yoda during the start of Order 66. Thus, Yoda simply had no choice but to decapitate the newly-corrupted Commander.


Commander Gree's facial appearance consists of having a brown "double-mowhawk" style of haircut, with stubbles of facial hair, and aged wrinkles on his face.

His Phase 1 Clone Trooper Armor consists of having green markings, with a blaster pistol holster on his left thigh armor, and an ammo strap on his torso.

His Phase 2 camoflaged armor has the same style of green markings, only with added forest or jungle camoflage, a green-colored visor, and a reinforced com-link antenna on his rear torso armor.
Commander Gree Without Helmet

Commander Gree was also one of the very first and only clones to have distinguished mowhawks.


Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith (First Appearance and fate; wears personalized Phase 2 armor.)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Bombad Jedi"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Cloak of Darkness"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Weapons Factory"

Star Wars: Republic Adventures Online Game

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "Jar Jar's Big Day" (Junior Novel)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Jedi Adventures


The Hasbro Clone Wars Commander Gree figure's bio incorrectly identifies Gree as being under the command of Jedi Master Yoda, when it's actually Luminara Unduli, which is clearly seen in the Clone Wars series.

Commander Gree first appeared wearing his personalized Phase 2 camoflaged armor, even though he has a standard version which hasn't been featured.

Gree's name comes from the alien species "Gree" whom also happen to be green.

Commander Gree was one of the very first clones to have personalized armor, as well as having a haircut. (Aside from Captain Rex.) He also had a personalized set of standard camoflauged Phase 2 armor.

Clone Commander Gree

An example of the Hasbro Clone Wars Commander Gree figure which incorrectly states his bio.

Commander Gree in Personalized Jungle Camo Phase 2 Armor

Commander Gree in his personalized set of Jungle Camo Phase 2 armor.