Clone Commander Monnk was a Senior Clone Officer under the rank of Commander
Commander Monnk

Commander Monnk's first appearance with his Phase 1 Armor. (His symbol isn't illustrated.)

. He was assigned to Jedi General Kit Fisto, who served under his battalion. He replaced Kit Fisto's original Clone Officer; Commander Fil, after meeting his fate with his former Padawan Nahdar Vebb, and also developed new markings for the battalion as well.


Commander Monnk's Phase 1 Armor very much resembles Commander Cody, Commander Fox, and Captain Lock's armor. He has green markings with a unique symbol, and wears a visor improver on his helmet, and a kama or skirt with blaster pistol holsters.

His Phase 2 SCUBA Trooper armor has Olive Green Markings with his unique symbol.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Gaunlet Of Death (Dark Horse Comic)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Water War
Commander Monnk 2

A better view of Commander Monnk.

(First identified as Monnk)

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Gungan Attack

Star sgshdididd


Little is known about Commander Monnk, as well as Kit Fisto's battalion.
Commander Fil

Commander Fil, Kit Fisto's original Clone Officer.

Commander Monnk 3

Commander Monnk (left) in his Phase 2 SCUBA armor.