Coric was an executive officer for the 501st Torrent Co. who served alongside his partner Denal towards the middle of the Clone Wars from the end of 22 BBY to the beginning of 21 BBY. He was originally an engineer, but became more skilled with healing wounded Clone Troopers; hence becoming a field medic like Kix.
Sergeant Coric

Coric as he appears on Teth during the Clone Wars film.

He met his fate during a brief battle in a Clone Wars novel.


Coric was often good-humored, yet often had a tendency to become stressed-out or overwhelmed easily during missions and battles; especially whenever he was a sole survivor (as seen in the Clone Wars film).


Coric has only worn Phase 1 armor with slightly modified 501st markings (reminiscent of Appo's Phase 2 armor).

He also has additional leg markings as he appears in the Clone Wars Adventures online game.

He was briefly seen with his helmet removed in a scene from the Clone Wars film, and has the usual (and common) "high-fade" haircut that most Clone Troopers have. (His appearance in the "Small Scrappy War!" comic is completely different; being bald and having a facial scar similar to that of Commander Cody.)


Coric is one of the more minor enlisted members for the 501st Torrent Co., and was briefly introduced during the film; yet his name wasn't confirmed until the novelization.
Coric Without His Helmet

Coric with his helmet removed (note the blue stripes and scratch marks found on Denal's armor).

The Hasbro Wal-Mart Exclusive 501st "Legion" (really Torrent Co.) Clone Trooper is actually meant to be Coric, yet the figure can also be portrayed as a standard enlisted Phase 1 501st Torrent Co. Clone Trooper.

He is known as the "Jetpack Trooper" in the Clone Wars Adventures online game.

Captain Rex refers to him simply as, "Sergeant" in the Clone Wars film during the scenes of the Teth rescue mission for Rhotta the Huttlet and the destruction of the CIS; Separatist droid outpost.

Denal was initially meant to replace Coric, aside from Coric originally being a generic 501st Sergeant or earlier version of Denal. Thus, Denal and Coric officially became partners in a novel, but were never shown on-screen together.

Denal's character model was actually used for Coric in the scene where he removed his helmet. Hasbro's action figure for Denal, however, confirms that Coric was actually Denal in the scene.


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