Delta Squad is/was a Republic Commando (or Clone Commando) squad during the Clone Wars Era.
Delta Squad

Delta Squad during their official appearance.


Delta Squad was led by the commando known as Boss, and counted Sev, Fixer, and Scorch among its members. Delta Squad was one of the only squads that had survived the first year of the Clone Wars without any casualties or deaths.

Later on in the war, they began to distinguish themselves and eventually maintained a displacement from their instructor, Walon Vau (like El-Les), whom they saw as their master and leader. This was in contrast to the demeanor of Theta Squad, who maintained an affectionate relationship with their instructor, Kal Skirata (like Sgt. Bric). It was therefore a strange twist when Walon Vau joined Skirata and several members of Theta Squad on a personal mission to locate a bounty hunter known as Ko Sai, while Delta Squad was assigned to Arligan Zey. Zey had been ordered by Chancellor Palpatine to locate Ko Sai, putting the two units into a strange form of competition. This meant that the members of Delta Squad worried about failing the mission and disappointing Vau, even though Skirata's mission ultimately captured Ko Sai.


Towards the end of the Clone Wars Era, Sev was unfortunately killed shortly before Order 66, to whom Fixer strictly followed the Order, while Scorch was confused and Boss was left as a free-lancer.

It is still unknown what has completely happened to Delta Squad.

Notable MembersEdit

Boss (RC-1138) (Commander)

Fixer (RC-1140) (Specialist/technician; Sergeant)

Scorch (RC-1262) (Weapon specialist)

Sev (RC-1207) (Sniper)


Star Wars: Republic Commando (videogame; First Appearance)

Star Wars: Republic Commando Novel Series

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Witches of the Mist"


The Republic Commandos are loosely based from Spartan Soldiers from the Halo franchise. There has been arguments, however, wether or not Lucasfilm "copied" from Microsoft.

Delta Squad1

Delta Squad On Kashyyyk.

Delta Squad (like the rest of the Commandos) is also loosely based from the US Navy Seals and the British SAS teams of special forces soldiers.

None of the members have been seen with their helmets removed.