Hardcase served as a Specialist for the 501st Torrent Co. during the Clone Wars Era.

Hardcase served in Engineering Squad which was originally under the command of Captain Rex,

Corporal Hardcase

Hardcase in Phase 2 Armor with a Z-6 Rotary Cannon.

but eventually became under the command of ARC Lieutenant Fives. (Aside from being lead by Jesse, who served as their original squad leader.)


Hardcase was originally a weapon specialist for the 501st, and often partnered with Kix and Jesse; a specialist and a corporal (who was a specialist at the time of the first battle of Saleucami) for the 501st Torrent Co., to whom the three of them often took command of certain platoons and squads whenever Rex, Ahsoka, Anakin, or any other Clone or Jedi officer was unavailable. Hence, when Rex was wounded after being shot by a Commando Droid sniper, Kix, Jesse, and Hardcase all assisted Rex and the 501st portion of the garrison or brigade led by Obi-Wan on Saleucami.

During the Umbara campaign, he began to develop a closer bond between Fives (as well as newcomer, Tup). Though, he unfortunately met his fate honorably while destroying the Seperatist command center above Umbara's atmosphere during an incognito mission led by Fives and Jesse.

He often liked using the Z-6 rotary cannon (or minigun) blaster cannon, as he was inspired from hearing about Hevy from Fives and Echo.


Hardcase was often considered to be a bit of a rebel when it came to following orders; he often wanted things to go his way, aside from the fact that he was often tough when he was involved in combat, and disliked being taunted by the enemy.

His perferred weapon of choice was the Z-6 rotary cannon; to whom Fives often remarked that, "Hardcase, do you really have to start blasting everything?!" whenever he attempted to use it during unnecessary moments.


He unfortunately met his fate after risking his life to save others while destroying a Seperatist command outpost above Umbara during a rogue mission led by Fives and Jesse.


Hardcase has curved blue-colored lines on his armor, while his Phase 2 armor consisted of having darker lines and a different design on his helmet as opposed to having light blue markings and a much more simple design on his Phase 1 helmet.

His facial appearance consists of being bald with unique tatoo's similar to the stripes on his armor.


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