Hawk was a Clone Trooper Pilot (or simply a Clone Pilot) during The Clone Wars Era under the rank of Captain, who served as one of the main pilots for the battalion. He was assigned as being a LAAT/i Gunship (or Republic Gunship) pilot for the 501st Torrent Co., but often piloted shuttles and starfighters.

Little information is known about him, but he's become very popular amongst fans.
Clone Pilot Hawk

Clone Pilot Hawk with his original Phase 1 helmet.


Hawk has worn both standard versions of the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Clone Pilot helmets and gear, and has unique blue stripes with distinguished "hawk" symbols.


Hawk originally was ment to meet his fate in the Clone Wars film, but the scene was deleted and ultimately became non-canon to the Star Wars franchise.

He often piloted a unique gunship with decals of a young blue female Twi'-lek wearing Clone Trooper armor with the catchphrase: "Lucky Lekku", which was the name for one of Hawk's gunships.

Hawk also piloted several shuttles, as well as various other flight vehicles.

Phase 2 Clone Pilot

Hawk with his Phase 2 helmet and armor.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Hidden Enemy"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Darkness On Umbara"

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: "A War On Two Fronts"

He has also made several brief cameo, and minor role appearances in comic books and novels.