1. Redeye was a specialist who served in torrent company of the 501st legion.He was assigned aboard the coronet to protect duchess Satine.Mixer,R2-D2,and Redeye were in the cargo bay,when Mixer was attacked and killed by an assasin probe droid.Shortly after Redeye was also killed.

    Redeye and His partner investigate the cargo bay.


    Redeye Readying his blaster.

    Sgt. Redeye-0


His helmet markings are actually based upon the Rebel Alliance X-Wing pilot helmet insignia found on Luke, Biggs, and Jek Porkins' respective helmets. Redeye had a blue arrow painted on his helmet (similar to that of Fives, Waxer, and Wolffe's distinct red arrows), to which the arrow symbolizes experience like how "Jaig Eyes" symbolize bravery and endurance.

He is known to be afraid of the dark.

Him and his partner Mixer are the two least-known members of the 501st.


Star Wars: The Clone Wars "Voyage of Temptation"