Sev; or "Seven" (RC-1207), was a Republic Commando, designated marksman, and a member of Delta Squad.


Sev was one of the four members of the Republic Commando squad, known as Delta Squad, which was led Boss (RC-1138).

Sev in his personalized armor.

He also served as a sniper of Delta Squad, and personally loved using different sniper rifles, such as the DC-17m (aside from stolen Mandalorian and Battle Droid rifles) and even customized his own version of the DC-17m with sniper attachments.

Sev customized his armor with red markings across the hands, legs and face. The intimidating nature of Sev's markings lay in the fact that none know whether he had donned the markings with red paint, or some poor creatures blood (having customized the armor on Kamino, one can only assume some poor Kaminoan met an untimely end).

Sev and Delta Squad were free thinking individuals whom were assigned to the toughest assignments in the Clone Wars, always succeeding in their objectives.


Sev has the standard Commando armor like with every other Republic Commando, only with unique red "blood" style markings (as mentioned above), as well as sniper ammunition on the left forearm and right shoulder. He also carried a datapack with a custom rangefinder attachment for sniping.


Sev shares his "12" designation with one other member of Delta Squad (Scorch)

Some time during their mission on Kashyyyk, Sev finally lost track of his kill count, sending him into a frenzy.

Sev personally vowed to kill one Geonosian for every Clone Commando killed during the First Battle of Geonosis (4,932 to be exact)


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